The system is currently designed for the Polaris RZR and Ranger. However any service center can install the system on any vehicle. The system is designed to work with any ATV, UTV, Snow mobiles or utility vehicle.

Its dependent on the cell phone but should give at least 40 meters or 130 feet. The current standard claim by Bluetooth for Bluetooth V4.0 which we use (low energy) has claims of more than 100 meters but we have not tested it at this range.

No, it is independent of the vehicles ECU.

Yes, the basic system comes with wire connectors and instructions on which wires to connect to the OptiStart wires by crimping clips. OptiStart will also offer a plug and play wire harness which requires simply plugging in where instructed. Alternatively, any trained authorized service shop can easily install it for you for a small fee.

It depends on how familiar you are with the wiring layout but it should not take more than 2 hours using the connectors. If you use the wire harness, 30 minutes should be ample time.

Built in alarm system - The app will warn the user if the vehicle is moving but the phone is not moving with the vehicle, by giving small consistent beeps on the phone. Additionally, the built in loud siren will sound the alarm on the vehicle as it moves away from the phone.

Some riders will prefer not to crimp into existing wires particularly if the vehicle is new. Additionally the wire harness guarantees the unit is connected properly first time because each plug is unique.

Yes, it will vary from location to location how much they charge to do this, but it’s certainly recommended as they can also explain the features and ensure everything is working properly including showing you how to pair the device.

No, the app will show you if the vehicle is in Park, if it’s not the engine will not remotely start.

No the gear has to be changed physically, you can only see what state the gearbox is in i.e. Park, Neutral, Drive, Reverse etc.

It will only get as far as the Bluetooth range and then cut out.

Yes, if your phone is dead then you need to use the key to start.

Currently this is not available as a safety feature. However, it is being considered on future release and only after thorough testing.

Yes, All 3rd party devices will be plugged into a relay box which is fused to protect the main control box (brains). It will come with a standard fuse which you may need to change depending on which winch you have.

No, the TPMS system is specific to the OptiStart app.

The system can handle up to 7 additional devices, for most users this is much more than is needed so the first release. We will offer an expandable box if we find customers need more than this.

For security, the system will start making a beep for some time to alert there is something wrong and then will turn off the ATV. The rider would have to use the key or password to start the vehicle again.

There can be just one smart phone connected at a time, but you can have as many smart phones as you want paired, storing 3 different passwords.

Yes we have a number of features on upcoming releases both software and hardware to enhance the ride.