Battery status

Indicates battery charge level and whether the battery is charging or discharging.

Fuel Level

Display real time fuel level.

Tire Pressure

Ensure all tires are inflated equally and ready to go before your ride or know for sure if you’ve got a leak while out on your ride.

Gear Box

Gear box position status. The remote start will only operate when left in park.


Real time speed data In the space after the RPM feature description, add: SOON TO COME – data logging feature!


Real time RPM data, future releases will allow data logging


Remote engine start

Remotely start your engine from the comfort of your home, cabin or tent.

Remote lights controls

All existing onboard standard lights can be controlled from your phone making it easy to switch off when you are in the comfort of your home.

Remote winch control

Control any winch from your smartphone without the purchase of any additional hardware.

Remote alarm/siren

The 105db siren alarm warns off unwanted animals or would be thieves.

Remote horn

Scare off animals from a distance.

Remote AWD control

Prior to setting out you can remotely check and change the status of the AWD.

Remote heated seats and hand warmers

Get your seats and handgrips nice and warm from the comfort of your home!

Remote 3rd party lights

Any brand of 3rd party lights can be attached and controlled via the smartphone.